Posted on: October 12, 2010 4:42 pm

Cards leave fans on the table for Blues and Rams

what is the best possible way for every disappointed Cards fan to cure what ails them?

2 home wins by both the blues and rams within 3 weeks should do it.

I havent seen STL this excited about football since 2003, the last year the Rams knew that the NFL actually paints team names in endzones.
This team is doing one thing completely different from the past rams of '04-'09 ----- TACKLING!!!
I think the rams defenders have actually even hurt a couple of players on the other team. I know, it is really shocking. The only way we used to get tackles was if the other team's offensive players tripped over our guys as they were running past. Now, WR's aren't so keen to just run across the middle of the field, eyes on the ball, to make catches. I think I even saw a WR from seattle duck out of the way of a high throw from hasselbeck in the last home game, trying to avoid getting laid out.
I wont even talk about how Bradford is the real deal and will be a NFC champ within the next 3-4yrs.
I figure if anyone isnt tired of hearing about how good he is, they will be after he wins the NFL ROY award.
Losing Clayton now for the year isnt going to help things out, but I was more excited about your WRs like Marty Gilyard and Brandon Gibson to begin with, but nonetheless, Clayton was performing and will be missed.
Now, I am not going to be over zealous and say that the rams are on their way to win the division, BUT, if they just play good, competitive football, forget about the blowout to DET (every team should win one good game for their home crowd to keep seats warm), the rams could be in position to make the playoffs at 8-8 this year, and that is being completely realistic.
Put the 49ers away at least once, and they will have a near impossible mountain to climb to get into it now that they are 0-5.
I think that if the rams have some moderate success this year, get a top 10 pick in the draft next year, we are playoff bound. If they win more than 6 games, they may be looking at a 11-18 pick in the draft, and might not be able to hit playoff action right away, but they will be legit NFC contenders by Bradford's 3rd yr, through FA acquisitions and draft picks filling any holes.

Get up to go pee during a blues game this year and you might miss out on 2 goals! I mean, 6 seconds apart is insanely quick and boy did the defense really take over from there. Now i know, 2 games is just 2 games, but the Blues are playing the fired up, possession controlling hockey in those 2 wins that you like to see. This is the year that Perron, Oshie, and company really turn the leaf from being potential NHL stars to legit, recognized throughout the league guys. The only thing I am worried about would be keeping the core group of guys together for the next few year. Most are locked up, but as they keep getting stronger, offers from other teams will get better and better.
Young season, not a whole lot to get into just yet, maybe, just maybe, do we finally have a legit #1 goaltender in Halak here?
We havent seen that since Fuhr got injured vs Maple Leafs in playoffs. 

Moral of the Blog : Cardinals better step up their August/September play, or they might be losing more fans in the autumn months next year!
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